As a New York Yankee fan, I do not like to be critical of my team, but it happens. When I wrote the last article about them 8 days ago, they were just not playing well. Things have turned around in a big way. The Yankees have won their last 5 straight. The Yankees are good at baseball again.

Maybe the team took some of my suggestions and have been holding secret practices before and after games across the street from the stadium. Maybe they did not, whose to say? Whatever the case may be, they are on the right track again.

Didi Gregorius hit another HR last night, his 9th, Judge has 7 HR, has been consistently on base, Sanchez is getting hot, Miguel Andujar is making a huge impact. Most everyone is playing really well. Stanton is still a mystery, he goes 4-4 the other night, and is swinging at ghosts again.

This team is exciting to watch, no question. They also give me anxiety because when the bats go cold, they seem to do so all at once. Everyone heats up and cools off at the same time, except Didi, who hits everything. For now I'll enjoy the winning streak and hope it continues today.

I wanted to write this blog the other day and I did not. I did not write it then for the same reason I was hesitant today. The reason? Superstition, I don't wanna mess with a good thing. Cross your fingers. If the win streak ends today, I gotta cool it on writing about the Bombers.

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