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Where Was My Invite to the Danbury, CT 'Big Table?'
Danbury Mayor Mark Boughton and I are on the outs after this photo appeared on his Instagram over the weekend. It seems my invitation to the "big table" was lost in the mail. If I know anything about Mark, he'll say that's a Federal issue and has nothing to do with Danbury.
Bethel Approves 5 Holiday Signs For P.T. Barnum Square
The Bethel Town Board approved all 5 sign applications that were submitted for Holiday signs in PT Barnum Square for the holiday season last night According to CT Insider (subscription required). The Christmas creche, the atheist sign, the Menorah, the "Peace" sign and the "Human Ligh…
Police: CT Man Robbed By Tinder Date
An unidentified Redding man's MacBook laptop and Ipad were stolen by his Tinder date according to police. The CT Post says police are investigating a Tinder date that allegedly ended in theft. The report states the victim invited an unidentified black male to his home through the dating app Tin…