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REVIEW: Danbury Fresh Juice Bar Worth The Trip
Those who know me, would never expect me to visit a place that advertises it's meals as organic, vegan or gluten free but I was there and it was refreshing and delicious. The menu was loaded with options for health conscious people or people who just love fruit.
MISSED: How On Earth Did I Miss Connecti-Con?
I know my luck with attending events of any kind. I attract crazy like a mega magnet. What will inevitably happen is I'd end up in a conversation with someone who believes in the heart that they are Frodo Baggins. I don't doubt that I would find a person who believes with every fiber of th…
REMEMBER: Apollo 11, Where Were You?
Today is the 50th anniversary of the Saturn V rocket launch. The Rocket carried Apollo 11 into space, inside was Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins. The Rocket lifted off at 9:32 am on July 16, 1969. Over the next week, plus the world would be glued to their television sets
CT Police Dept. Warns Drivers 'You're Music May Be Way Too Loud'
Do you really need a car with a four-channel 120-watt amp with two sub-woofers that's going to shake seats and annoy neighbors?
Torrington police officer Lt. Brett Johnson recently posted on Facebook:
If your vehicle rattles so much with the bass that it sounds like someone is continously throwing sil…