What's going on?

Jets Head Coach Adam Gase, Now Also the GM
I asked the question many months ago, "how would the Jets screw up having what appears to be a franchise QB, top draft picks and a talented young team?" The answer is Adam Gase and now it's a double dose of Adam who will act as Head Coach & GM.
China's Trade War Is Seriously Impacting Connecticut Business
According to CT Post China announced Monday it will raise tariffs on $60 Billion worth of U.S. goods. In 2018 China bought $943 million worth or product from Connecticut companies. The trade escalation between the U.S. and China has had and could continue to have a serious impact on CT business.
Charles Barkely's Message For Joel Embiid Is Amazing
Embiid's heart and effort are always being called into question. That's probably because his effort is not always there and this means he does not have heart. Charles does not mince words and so obviously has zero respect for this generation of ball players. I can't blame him.