The New York Yankees took a home loss to the Miami Marlins last night. They not only lost but lost big. Tanaka gave up 8 hits and seven runs in just 5 innings. Giancarlo Stanton went 0-4 with two strikeouts. It's no secret in baseball that the Marlins are really not good. People are calling them that AAA team.

Yes, it's early, its early, I know. But you know what it is, right before it's too late? EARLY, yes early is the answer. At some point, the best team "on paper" needs to play like a decent team on the friggin' field. Sure, it's early but the Red Sox don't lose. Boston is 14-2 with a 6 game lead over New York. The Blue Jays are also winning, at 11-5, they have a 3 game lead over the Yankees.

My point is, while early, the New York Yankees are not a very good baseball team right now. I would suggest practices, maybe before and after games on the field across the street, the site of the old Yankee Stadium. I'd work on basics like swinging the bat with the intention of hitting the ball. They might also want to look into purchasing some bug repellent for Giancarlo Stanton because he seems to be swinging at gnats or mosquito's.


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