The hype around the new Amazon grocery stores with no check out lines has been real. I've seen TV news reports on every major station, read about it, and we have talked about it on the Ethan and Lou show. The stores are called Amazon Go. One of the first stores just opened in Seattle, and drew crowds that had to form lines, according to Business Insider. 

The store that boasts no lines had people standing in line for an hour or more. Got that? Normally, what I do here is an amateur, psychological profile of the kind of person who would participate in this kind of thing. I'm wondering if that exercise is wasteful?

This is the kind of thing that straight up scares me about where we are headed as humans. The only thing I can gather from this is that people just want to be somewhere where something is happening. The "where" and the "thing" are irrelevant to them. I can't relate. They don't care how dumb it is.

These companies have us all RIGHT where they want us. What are you doing?

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