This coffee freak couldn't be happier.

When you've been around for over two decades and you've got over 25,000,000 locations worldwide, chances are you're doing something right. Starbucks wants to keep people around Danbury happy and on the go. Here comes another location.

I'm a macchiato girl for sure, but I'm also am a huge fan of trying pretty much any concoction that Starbucks comes up with. All it takes is one look at the menu offerings that encompass everything from macchiatos, to lattes, espresso, cappuccino, iced tea, chocolate beverages, cold beverages, food, and even good old coffee!

Lord knows our society loves convenience as much as we love our coffee. You can currently find eight Starbucks in and around the Danbury area. That number will grow again shortly.

The News Times is reporting that another Starbucks location is in our future. This Starbucks, will include a drive-through window, should be open sometime this spring. The construction is almost finished on the free standing building near the Berkshire Shopping Plaza at 67 Newtown Road in Danbury.

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