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It's truly hard to put into words just how much our local area was affected by the series of intense and destructive weather activity that hit us on Tuesday, May 15, 2018.

In under an hour on that humid afternoon, a total of five tornadoes and three macrobursts devastated residents throughout Connecticut and the Hudson Valley in bordering New York.

Looking back on it today, I vividly remember that ominous green color that took over the sky, and everyone here at the radio station knew that this wouldn't be your typical Thunderstorm. Within what seemed like a split second, there was absolutely zero visibly and the sounds of the howling wind and crackling trees were nothing short of terrifying. At one point, the rain was falling so hard that water was rushing into the building through the closed doors as if we were completely submerged under water.

Lives were tragically lost and property and landscapes alike were physically uprooted, while many families were metaphorically uprooted, forced to vacate their homes. Most were without power and basic amenities for the better part of two week if not longer. Businesses were closed, money was lost, but the one shining light, however, was that in many ways, our community came together like never before.

Let's take a look at some of the most impactful stories from the wild experience we faced exactly two years ago. Click the title of each one to view the complete story:

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    5 Tornadoes + 3 Macrobursts

    Here is a timeline and the complete details of each weather event between Connecticut and the Hudson Valley. Read More. 


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    Community Rallies Around Family

    Lauren Svendsen, an art teacher at the North Salem School District, was killed in New Fairfield, Connecticut when a tree fell on her car. The community did their part in offering her family the support they needed in the face of tragedy. Read More.


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    Severe Storm in Greater Danbury

    As the reports of the downed trees, blocked roadways, and even transformer fires emerge, we could all hear sirens in the distance, but we didn't yet understand the full scope of what was going on. We have received numerous real-time videos and reports here at the station. Read More. 

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    Footage From Inside the Storm

    We came across a few people in New Fairfield who, instead of seeking shelter, took out their cell phones and started to record this historic storm. Watch the video

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    Danbury Teen Injured in Storm Gets Love

    An eighth grade student at Rogers Park Middle School, who was critically injured during last Tuesday storm, got a lot of love from the Danbury community. Read More. 

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    Declared: CT is a Disaster Relief Area

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    Candlewood Lake Kayakers Rescued During Intense Macroburst

    Imagine you're out on Candlewood Lake taking a relaxing kayak ride when the skies turn from sunny to black as night. Read More.

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    Drone Footage of Lake Zoar Aftermath

    In this drone footage along Lake Zoar in Newtown courtesy of David Kullgren via the Newtown Police Department, you can see the downed trees, and how they look like pencils, or sticks lying on their side. You really get an understanding of the strength of the storm, especially when you see the roots of the trees firmly attached with embedded earth. You can see the pathway the storm took and how eerily just next to the damage it seems untouched. See the Footage.

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    Tree Removal Scammers Approach

    As if the fury of the storm and what it has left in its wake was not enough, the town of Brookfield was hit with a wave of scammers. It seems as though whenever there is a disaster there is always someone looking to make a buck off of it. Read More.

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    Listeners Share Storm Experiences

    We got a pretty good idea of how most of you were affected thanks to all the photos you sent in. We really appreciate it, as you are our eyes and ears in the local area, and you help so many others by sharing your information. See the galleries our listeners sent in.

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