And to think I thought slanted windows on homes were purely for a unique, creative look or some kind of architectural trend. On newer Connecticut construction yes, however on older homes around the Nutmeg state, it's all about witches and coffins. There's also a practical one.

According to Taste of Home, you and I can find this style of window all over the country however it's most common in our New England states. There are three reasons behind these windows which are purposely installed at a 45-degree angle on the second story of older homes and run parallel to the first and second-story roofline.

Reason #1

Architecturally speaking, these windows are an easy way to build an addition on the top of your home without messing with the existing roof. These windows add light without having to deal with the expense of altering your roof.

Reason #2

Folklore that started in Vermont nicknamed these slanted windows, 'witch windows' because the angle is meant to keep witches out of our homes. According to Taste of Home, witches can’t fly diagonally so these crooked windows prevent them from entering and causing havoc.

I'm not sure how that works unless every window is diagonal, but it's still fun in a creepy way to picture.

Reason #3

These windows are also referred to as 'coffin windows' because it was the only way to remove a deceased person in a coffin from the home. According to Taste of Home, this is because the staircases on much older homes were just too narrow.

This was back when people stayed in their beds when they were sick and dying, eventually being put in coffins in their bedrooms after they passed.

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