It sure has been a crazy week — the storm, the aftermath, the clean up, which, in many local towns, is still going on. We're also seeing some first-hand videos of the storm in progress, especially in New Fairfield.

I'm sure everyone remembers exactly where they were, and what they were doing, when the storm hit. I came across a few people in New Fairfield who, instead of seeking shelter, took out their cell phones and started to record this historic storm. Check it out:

NBC Connecticut's Meteorologist Ryan Hanrahan shared this aerial view of New Fairfield on his Facebook page:

As the storm continued across our area, here's some footage from Brookfield:

And finally, here's some crazy footage from Beacon Falls, CT:

Brookfield, Newtown, Carmel, and New Fairfield, these were some of the hardest hit towns during the massive storm that blew through here last Tuesday. Since, hundreds are still without power, and some roads are still closed.

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