As the reports of the downed trees, blocked roadways, and even transformer fires emerge, I can hear sirens in the distance here in Greater Danbury. We have received numerous calls that many roads local roads are closed:

  • Route 37 in New Fairfield - closed.
  • Stadley Rough Road in Danbury closed due to downed power lines and uprooted trees.
  • Super 7 in Brookfield (just near On-Track Karting).
  • Sunset Hill and Route 302 in Bethel
  • Route 25 and many other roads in Brookfield are closed.

A transformer on Franklin St. Extension in Danbury has reportedly caught fire between Ridgewood and Seneca, while this is the scene on Federal Rd. as captured on video by Rick Tedesco outside of Guitar Hangar.

The storms that are rumbling through our area have left tens of thousands without power in Connecticut. Eversource is reporting the following outages in Greater Danbury:

  • Bethel: 1,673
  • Brookfield: 6,933
  • Danbury: 10,336
  • Middlebury: 1,112
  • Monroe: 3,838
  • New Fairfield: 3,944
  • New Milford: 2,538
  • Newtown: 6,896
  • Redding: 1,683
  • Ridgefield: 1,620
  • Roxbury: 500
  • Sherman: 714
  • Southbury: 9,914
  • Woodbury: 4,972

Here is a gallery of photo submissions from around the Greater Danbury Community

The studio lights flickered, the sky turned to total darkness in what seemed like seconds. A torrential rain began to comedown. Water began to stream in through a glass door in the back of our building. Here's what the aftermatch looks like around our station:

We'll continue to update the story as more information is available. Please stay safe and off the roads if possible.


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