It doesn't matter if you're flying out of Bradley International Airport, LaGuardia, or any airport across the country, this code is something you should always look for on your boarding pass.

Yes, going through security can be annoying but it's part of the deal when traveling by plane. So the next time you fly look for this code because according to Forbes Magazine, it means you've been flagged to undergo additional security screening procedures.  So basically, be prepared for a bit longer before you can relax at your gate, roam the airport for some goodies, or grab a bite to eat.

Code to Look For

The Transportation Security Administration or TSA has an SSSS code that alerts agents to perform extra security measures. It stands for Secondary Security Screening Selection according to Forbes. This means that your extra search by security could be anything from luggage inspections to pat-down screenings, and swabs looking for explosives residue on your hands and carry-on luggage.

Why You Were Flagged

You could receive the SSSS code through a random assignment, or it could happen because you booked a one-way ticket, you purchased a last-minute ticket, you paid cash, or you recently visited or are flying to a country that is deemed high risk by the United States government.  Suspicious activity on your part is another reason.

Note that just because you don't have an SSSS on your boarding pass doesn't mean you won't endure an extra search by TSA agents. We've all been there where the belt slows down and even reverses while TSA is investigating our luggage, the image from the body scanner, or we set off the metal detector alarm.

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