According to White House sources, on Monday President Trump declared the state of Connecticut a disaster relief area due to the macrobursts and tornadoes that struck the state on May 15th.  He has ordered Federal assistance to supplement state and local recovery expenses. The declaration  means that the town of Brookfield can move forward with it's application for FEMA aid. Municipalities are thrilled about the news, but homeowners are still unsure if they will also receive help. Governor Malloy has requested assistance for individual residents as well, which is currently being reviewed.

The damage from the macroburst left 90% of Brookfield without power and 40% of single family homes damaged.  Businesses, schools, private and state roads were all victims of the devastation as well.  The National Weather Service reported maximum wind speeds of 110 mph affecting an area in town of 2 1/2 miles wide and 5 miles long.  Hundreds of trees were injured and uprooted, changing the landscape of Brookfield forever.

However, the town of Brookfield went to work quickly to repair and rebuild.  Homeowners, business owners, and volunteers alike stepped up to help their neighbors.  Although the recently opened Still River Greenway looks like a war zone, residents are happy to get back to their daily walk on the trail.

The Garden Club of Brookfield recently partnered with The Friends of Brookfield Library to sponsor a lecture on recovery from tree loss by a horticulturist to discuss the steps necessary to restore home and town plantings.  If you attended, please share some tips and advice with us.

With FEMA's help and the strong will of Brookfield residents & business owners, the beautiful town of Brookfield is on the road to recovery!

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