Education is one of the keys to a better life. Personally, I believe that Dreamers deserve this chance to shine.

This press release came from the Office of Governor Malloy on April 27th. It said, in part, that Malloy just signed into law updated legislation that will allow undocumented students who go to Connecticut public colleges and universities the chance to qualify for the state’s system of financial aid. Previously, state law denied access to the financial aid system for these students, despite the fact that they were required to pay into it through their existing tuition.

Connecticut's Lt. Governor, Nancy Wyman said:

Dreamers should absolutely be able to participate in the financial aid system that they contribute to – it’s a matter of basic fairness, and it’s an important part of building an educated workforce. We are a nation built by immigrants just like the Dreamers. Men and women who are informed and engaged in our communities, who work hard, and who love this nation. Connecticut proudly ensures these young people who have called the U.S. home for most of their lives have the same opportunity to build a strong future as everyone else

The legislation is Senate Bill 4, An Act Assisting Students Without Legal Immigration Status with the Cost of College, and it does include stipulations like, undocumented applicants can't have a felony on their record and must have attended or graduated from a state high school, and applicants are also required to seek citizenship as soon as legally possible.

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