I'm on board with this idea, how about you?

I think that dash cams in every police car could only be an added help to both law enforcement and the communities and people they serve. To that end, I'm surprised it isn't already the case in Connecticut. Hopefully, a new Bill in Connecticut will change that.

Coming off a report recently at ctpost.com about a Bridgeport police officer allegedly beating a young man during a minor traffic accident call, a Connecticut lawmaker wants a change.

In a follow up story reported by bridgeportdailyvoice.com, Bridgeport lawmaker, State Representative Christopher Rosario says state funds are available to buy and install dash cams. Rosario and others have approached the Police Chief of Bridgeport to discuss how to move forward.

The young man in question, Aaron Kearney Jr., had his mom in the car with him. She taped the incident on her cellphone and posted it to Facebook. With that kind of ammunition out there, it appears that change is coming, at least in the city of Bridgeport.

An article in ctpost.com now says that the video has prompted a change. It appears that the city had no money for the dash cams, but the state of Connecticut does. Bridgeport Police Chief Armando Perez told ctpost.com:

State Rep. (Christopher) Rosario told me the state has the money and we are going to get it done as soon as possible

Seems to me that if the state has the money, every police department would dig into that fund, but I'm thinking it isn't as easy as that. Hopefully, though, as many as possible will take advantage of it now that Governor Malloy has signed House Bill #7308

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