It was definitely not your typical Monday morning in Newtown.

According to a press release from the Newtown Police Department, report at about 4:30 AM today (November 13), Newtown Emergency Communications got a call from a resident on Sleepy Hollow Road who reported a Honda Civic which was stuck in the driveway. About two hours earlier, Danbury Police had also contacted Newtown Emergency Communications to report an Audi, which was involved in an accident.

What do the Honda and the Audi have in common? Here is where the plot thickens:

Upon investigation, the Audi seemed to have been stolen earlier from Baldwin Road in Newtown. At the time of the accident in Danbury, the Audi was abandoned and its occupants took off in a Honda Civic, which they stole from nearby the accident scene.

This is where the big dogs were called in. By "big dogs" I mean that Newtown Police wasted no time in requesting assistance from the Connecticut State Police K9 Unit, Brookfield, and Monroe Police Departments.

Newtown Police Sergeant Wisentaner noticed a Cadillac Escalade leaving the driveway at the Sleepy Hollow Road residence and approached the car to question the driver. In an attempt to evade police, the driver spun out on the front lawn, stopped the car and the occupants ran into the woods.

After a two hour search, two male teenagers were located and found with many stolen items in their possession. They were arrested and later released to their parents custody. They face multiple Larceny and Burglary charges and are due to appear in Bridgeport Juvenile Court. The investigation is ongoing and police say that other charges may be brought against them.

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