Back in April of 2022 you couldn't go anywhere in Brookfield, CT without talking about Hannah Casperson.

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The 25-year old Casperson is from Brookfield, and on (4/3/22) police say she led them on a lengthy police chase that ended in a wreck. I published pictures of the wreck, I'd received from Ethan and Lou Show listeners, days after the police chase took place. At the time of the incident, Casperson was wanted by police for her alleged role in vehicle break-ins and robberies in Wolcott.

The 25-mile car chase lit up social media in April, and according to NBC Connecticut Casperson hit seven police vehicles during the multi-town chase. I've seen tons of pictures of the incident but no video, until now.

Footage of a portion of the chase was uploaded to Youtube on Jun 29, 2022 by a user with the screen name "Federal Agency of Domestic Corruption." The video was tagged with the following description:

"Waterbury Police said a suspect with multiple warrants is in stable condition after a wild morning that included hitting two police cruisers, and crashing into a utility pole in Monroe. Police said Hannah Casperson, 25, of Brookfield, was arrested Sunday on multiple warrants in connection with multiple vehicle break-ins. Police said additional charges are pending. Previously, Thomas Crawford, 31, of Naugatuck had been arrested in the same incidents, but at that time, police said Casperson fled. According to authorities, Waterbury Police received information around 8:45 a.m. on the location of a Hummer SUV driven by a woman who was wanted in connection with recent crimes. Officers arrived in the area of Rutledge Street and East Main Street and located the white Hummer with Casperson inside, said police. When they tried to talk to her, they said Casperson hit a police cruiser with the SUV before driving off and striking another police cruiser at Brass Mill Drive and East Main Street before entering onto Interstate 84 westbound." 

The video was body-cam footage from a Waterbury Police officer who responded to the incident.

As of July 5th, the above video has 24 views.

Below are some of the photos I published in April. I got them with the help of Kelley Hangos-Carrano. Kelley connected me with Leanne McElvoy and Ariel Boucher.


We talked about this on the Ethan and Lou Show on Friday (7/8/22)

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