The coldest days of the winter are most likely still to come, and plenty of Connecticut residents are in the habit of warming up their cars before jumping in on frigid days. I’m just the messenger here but, according to Connecticut law, warming up your vehicle – even if it’s in your own driveway, could get you a ticket. You can click here to see the laws for yourself on the EPA’s website. You’ll see that most states have them.

A Michigan resident got a whopping $128 ticket for leaving his vehicle unattended and running, which started lots of conversations and online chat about the subject.

These laws are generally in place  to control particulate emissions. It doesn’t matter how long you let you car idle for, even if it’s just for a minute, in your own driveway, it’s still considered a misdemeanor.

Just in case the polar vortex returns this is good to know.

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