The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has kept Connecticut on its toes for the past few days in regard to the health status of a Wesleyan University student in Middletown, CT.

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After an anticipated wait, the CDC has given the test results of the student who is suffering symptoms akin to those of the Coronavirus. The verdict: luckily, negative. 

The Coronavirus is a potentially life-threatening illness that originated in China and has since spread to the U.S. A few days prior to arriving on campus, the student allegedly was in the same airport as a person who had the virus, WTNH reports. 

The student was exhibiting some symptoms of the virus, such as fever and cough, and was subsequently placed in isolation. However, despite these symptoms and in addition to testing negative for the Coronavirus, the student is currently in very stable condition.

Still, the university is collaborating with the State Department of Public Health in the midst of this scare. In the meantime, let's all hope the student makes a healthy recovery and that the virus hasn't (and won't) spread to Connecticut.


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