When it comes to reopening the lecture halls' doors for the upcoming summer and fall semesters, UConn remains uncertain and cautious.

UConn President Thomas Katsouleas released a statement Friday regarding the university's future plans for academic instruction.

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"Under any scenario, to help students continue their progress toward a degree, our aim is to provide enough online options for students who are in high-risk categories, are not comfortable returning, and for international students unable to return due to travel restrictions," he explained.

Katsouleas also reiterated in the e-mail that all in-person classes for the May and summer 1 sessions have been canceled and that they are now extending this restriction to the summer 2 term, which begins July 13. All summer instruction will be held online.

As for the decision regarding face-face learning for the fall semester, the Board of Trustees will have to approve it before June 30.

"Though no decision has been made, faculty should plan as though courses will be delivered online in the fall." However, the president emphasized that this is a tentative plan and not a definitive course of action.

Katsouleas also reassured students that "course structures, grading, class participation requirements, etc. will be designed to give students flexibility in attending class when unwell." That is, of course, if in-person classes are actually held in the fall.

For what has been a memorable and historic UConn semester this spring, the university is preparing for another one just like it, yet hoping for the regularity that preceded it.

"As always, I am grateful for and amazed by your hard work," says Katsouleas.

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