Relieving news to report, as The Connecticut Department of Labor's new software improvements allowed them to successfully process 60,000 unemployment claims last night.

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The department updated its software in response to a massive uptick in the number of claim applications due to the coronavirus pandemic. The new software will facilitate the continuing claims that will need to be processed in the near future.

According to the department, they've received more than 350,000 applications since March 13, which is almost the same number it receives in two years. About 174,000 of those applications have already been manually processed without the help of the new software.

The agency will deliver e-mails with further instructions on how to receive their benefits for the claimants whose applications have already been processed. They will also be urged to check for the e-mail in their junk or spam folders.

With the new software improvements working in tandem with manual processing, the normal six-week waiting time is expected to be truncated to one week or less.

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