Wallet Hub conducted a survey to determine the hardest working cities in America and the results say that Bridgeport is 111th hardest working city out of the 116 largest cities in America. Anchorage Alaska ranked #1 overall. Our neighboring large cities in New York and New Jersey did not do well either with New York coming in at #90 and Newark at #113.

They started with the 116 most populous cities and weighed two key elements, "Direct Work Factors" and "Indirect Work Factors". The metrics examined for Direct Work Factors include average workweek hours and share of engaged workers. Metrics for "Indirect Work Factors" included average commute time and average leisure time spent each day. There were other metrics in each broader category and all of them were given a point value.

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The methodology is a bit complicated which indicates to me that this is intentional. They want the fine print to be complex enough to hide the truth. How could the Nutmeg State perform so poorly? I just have a hard time believing that the people of Cheyenne, WY (#2) work harder than people in Bridgeport, CT.

I can already tell what is missing from the study, pace of production, pace of work, pace of lifestyle. In the Tri-State area, we are not only expected to work hard, but to do it at an astronomical pace. Our tempo is one that I believe cannot be met by people who don't live it.

If you make widgets in Wyoming and I make widgets in CT, I'm going to make more widgets in an 8 hour day than the Wyoming guy and that's not up for debate. Hey Wallet Hub, you do some cool research, so I'll let this slide but let's call this what it is, a mistake on your part.

P.S. This was written in Danbury, CT. We have your back Bridgeport, we got you.

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