According to a University of Cambridge survey via The Telegraph people who cuss often are the most honest. I gotta be real with you here, I read some of the bullet points of the study they conducted and all it did was confuse me. I don't know how they came to this conclusion but I F#^$*(@ like it.

Swearing really brings your point home. You have to know how to do it though. There is an art to the curse word. Using the "F" word three times in one sentence severely diminishes the word's effectiveness. If you use it here and there it is most effective.

If you wanted to call someone a liar for instance you would not say: "F'ing Scott, is a an F'ing liar, I heard that F'ing, F tell me he F'ing stole a car and I F'ing know he didn't!"

That is no good. You wanna say: "Scott is a F'ing liar, he said he stole and car and I know he did not steal "S."

You see not only did you use the F word sparingly but you mixed in the S word at the end. That is some righteous cussing right there. But there you go folks, swear away, people will know you are telling the truth. Assuming anyone else reads the study or this blog.

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