In my mind, any move is a positive move.

There has been talk about this new action for awhile now in Connecticut. Yesterday some politicians in our state moved us hopefully closer to significant change.

In a story from Senate Democrats are proposing the requirement of sexual harassment training at nearly every company in Connecticut. That would be a significant change in the law if it passes. As it stands now, the state law requires sexual harassment training at all companies with 50 or more employees.

The proposal announced yesterday would require sexual harassment training at all companies with three or more employees. The proposal, which is known as the Time's Up Act,  is part of a larger revision of the state's sexual harassment laws that Senate Democrats announced yesterday.

To live in a world where discussion about sexual harassment isn't needed because the act of, has been eradicated, would be a wonderful thing. Until then, may every person remain on notice about all unacceptable behavior.

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