I was driving around with Mrs. Large the other night. We were hungry, and we ended up on Wolcott Street in Waterbury. We stopped and ate at Denny's. I mentioned to her that we were eating dinner in the same spot where I used to sell Michael Jackson CDs. I used to be the assistant manager of the Record Town that stood there. Then, I thought about all of the good meals that I ate at the Roy Rogers where Taco Bell is now. It got me thinking about the great restaurants of Waterbury's past. Here are the ones that I miss the most.

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The Seafood Peddler - 689 Wolcott Street. It's presently home to competing auto parts stores, but I think of the Seafood Peddler every time I drive by. I loved their fried seafood combos, shrimp, whole belly clam baskets, and lobsters. My grandmother loved the fish that they served. I spent many an afternoon in that place.

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Morcey's - 572 Watertown Avenue. Currently, it's Big Frank's, which I do enjoy, but I loved it when it was owned by Peter and Jim Morcey. My parent's used to call it Big Top, which stood there for many years before the Morcey's took over. I still dream about the Adam's Basket, and those delicious ribs that Pete Jr. cooked up.

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Betsy Ross Diner - 998 Wolcott Street. It was known as The Athenian for a short time before it closed down for good in 2010. I spent many a night grubbing down greasy burgers and fries in a drunken stupor at the Betsy Ross. I saw a ton of fights between North End and Wolcott residents in that parking lot.

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Phil's Steak & Lobster - 1815 Watertown Avenue. What can you say? They served up steak and lobster. What's not to miss? It's Highline Car Connection now. I do love used cars, but not as much as I love a 3 1/2 pound lobster.

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The Pie Plate - 835 Wolcott Street. Devastated by a fire in 2002, this location never fully recovered. It was a Friendly's for a short time, and is currently an AAA office. The former owners have continued on in business at Jimmy's and Jimmy's II in Watertown and Waterbury.

There were some others that I thought about, most notably Bacco's, and The Scoreboard.

Which gone, but not forgotten restaurants do you miss?

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