Three people were sent to the emergency room following an unbelievably terrifying crash in the area of West. Wooster St. and Garfield Ave in Danbury.

According to a report from the Danbury Fire Department, they were joined by city police and emergency personnel just before 4:00 AM Saturday (February 17) in response to an accident in which a vehicle crashed into a house, causing a person to possibly be entrapped inside the car.

When first responders arrived, they found that a Nissan pickup truck had crashed completely through the side of a house, causing injuries to the driver and two people inside the home. All three people were sent to the emergency room, and at the time of this report, it is believed that they all suffered only minor injuries, which is a miracle in itself.

Danbury FD
Danbury FD

Once those injured were transferred to Danbury Hospital, the DFD and local building officials stayed at the home to help with clean up and to make sure that the home's structure was stable. It has been reported that the American Red Cross will be assisting the occupants of the home.

The cause of the crash and the identities of those involved have not been released just yet.

As a Danbury resident who lives in a high-traffic area, this scene is especially frightening. There have been many accidents around the sharp bend that I live on, and it is very possible that a similar accident can happen in my neighborhood. In fact, 11 months ago almost to the day, someone crashed their car into my yard, catching air across my driveway, twisting in the air and destroying my fence before finally coming to a stop. The fence was ugly anyway, but had it not been there, my neighbor's home may have had a similar remodeling job to those poor people on West Wooster/Garfield. Here are some photos from that crazy night — we were only living here for about a week at the time:

Take it easy out there, folks!

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