All it took was 5 minutes and 65mph winds to blow full grown trees across all of New Fairfield's major roads.

As I gazed out the screen of my front door, the rain became torrential and then I'm sure I heard it, IT was the sound of a fast-moving freight train which lasted all of 3 to 5 minutes. I was sure a tornado had touched down. The wind was fierce and the rain looked like it took on the shape of a small funnel cloud right there in front of me in our front yard.

The landscape after the storm in New Fairfield was absolutely surreal as Mindy and I attempted to drive up Rt. 39 to New Fairfield Town Park to check and see if our pontoon boat was still there in its' slip, but we never made it.

Rt. 39 and Rt. 37 were both blocked. Fact is, every single road leading out of New Fairfield was impassable because of trees lying across the road. Here's a photo of a tree in the woods of my backyard. I looked but couldn't find the upper portion of this tree. Gone!


Some New Fairfield residents weren't even able to get home to their families. As I left for the station this morning, 4 cars were parked off to the side of Fleetwood Drive so they could walk up Rt. 39 to reach their families.

In all, as of this writing, 96% of New Fairfield residents are without electricity and it could be awhile before the lights are turned back on. I don't have a clue when power will be restored by EverSource but I'm guessing it might be at least one-week if not more. To check on an outage in your area click on

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