In the aftermath of the microbursts and tornadoes that hit our local area, most of us were without power at some point, and thousands still are. Through this whole thing, I found myself sending texts to friends that, under normal circumstances, would be weird. I was asking people if they wanted to come over and shower.

We were lucky in this storm, and only ended up going without electricity for two days. This is when my wife Erica suggested I text all my friends and say, "How did you make out with the storm?" You know this text — you either sent it or received it. There is a follow up text that comes when you find out they are without power. You are now obligated to invite them over to shower. I did this several times.

It took me about five shower invites to realize how weird this was. My friends are going to think I'm "a weird." Now they think I just like watching people shower.

I think, for laughs, I might start inviting people over to shower when there is no storm aftermath or water issues. I'll get a good idea who my friends are in a hurry. Chances are most of them will ask me what the hell I am talking about. However, there's probably one or two that will show up wearing a robe, holding a rubber duck, and sporting a super creepy smile.

If I hear "That's it boy, get in there nice and deep like", I'm going to run for my life.

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