My wife, like me has a sick sense of humor. With this particular game, it is a VERY lazy way of entertaining one another. It does backfire a lot I must say. All we do is say "your mom" in response to everything.

So here is an example:

Lou - What time are you meeting me?

Erica - What time is your mom meeting me?

Another example: 

Erica - You are funny?

Lou - Your mom is funny?

So essentially you just replace the person or persons in question with "your mom." So now I am going to give you some times where this has blown up in our faces. You will have to write the second part in your head because if I write them, I may be fired. I'll write you the initial question or statement and you do the rest to come up with how this painted a terrible mental image.

Initiating comments and questions:

  • Is Pete coming tonight?
  • You were great last night.
  • Kevin is an idiot.
  • I'm thinking I'm in the mood for some sweet action tonight.
  • Your chest looks great in that shirt.
  • I think I'm sick. I've been on the toilet all day.
  • I gotta trim my beard. It's getting too long.
  • I sat on my testicles today.
  • Do you think Kirstie Alley manicures her dining and entertainment district?

I think you get the point. This game has stopped us dead in our tracks on more than one occasion. It can get downright disturbing. It's important to note that NO thought goes into the "YOUR MOM" response. We have been doing it so long, so frequently that it's just reactionary. We learn of our mistake as if we were a spectator in the room. It's like an out of body experience that can have devastating consequences.



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