It's just another day at the office. The weirdo things that happen around i95.

No I didn't go hunting wabbits or turkey's. And no I wasn't, as our Canadian friend and listener Tricia thought, recording Ethan and Lou on the loose. Cute "turkey" reference there Tricia! And as much as I would have loved to indulge in the shots of Wild Turkey as listener Jeff in Florida suggested, sadly I didn't do that either.

My attention was captured as I roamed around the building, and caught site of a long line of turkey's strolling by right outside the station's back door. Seems earlier in the morning our receptionist Terry saw a big old flock of them strolling across Route 7 and onto our lawn. Fast forward a few hours to when I spied at least 15 more leisurely wandering by. You'd think they'd be concerned by the crazy broad videoing them, but not so much.

Maybe they were headed to someone's back yard to join the chickens!

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