There is nothing better than truly fresh eggs, but I'm not sure I want to gather them from my backyard, do you?

My niece Elsa, pictured here, would tell you that she is the chief chick in charge of the chicks! Elsa rules the roost when it comes to chickens, hens and roosters around the family farm in New York state.

Connecticut is embracing a growing trend in our neck of the woods. Raising chickens. Did you get a bunny, or maybe a baby chick for Easter when you were a kid? Cute pets, that sometimes turned out to be yet another thing your parents took care of.

Seems, though, that the owning chickens thing has grown to be quite the business in Connecticut. There's a real, pardon the pun, market for raising chickens in a back yard coop.

In a story from people are flocking to places like Agway, Tractor Supply Co. and local farm markets to not only peek at the cute baby chicks, but also to purchase them to do a bit of backyard gentlemen farming. People talk about feeling a connection with family members that may have worked a real farm, making use of their land and the great benefits of eggs fresh from your yard to table. Plus they say it's a great experience for their kids too.

Things to keep in mind. My adorable niece is growing up around the family farm. Lots of land for all of the chickens, pigs, cows and more. Hundreds of the cluckers to be exact, and what happens when they fall prey to hungry predators. You, on the other hand, are probably looking to put up a small enclosure, so get advice from the place you're purchasing the chicks from. Keep in mind that you must get in touch with your local zoning and health departments because regulations vary about what you can and can't do.

I will tell you there is nothing like farm fresh eggs, even if the farm is your back yard. Of course mine are better because Elsa gathered them herself to give to me. She also told me the story of the mean minks that got in and made a meal of tons of the chickens, but hey, that's really farm life!

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