If you believe the rumors flying around the Yankee organization, you know that they are probably gonna end up with a manager who has never managed before. I cannot for the life of me understand the "plan" here but it's not my hot seat to sit in. That seat belongs to Brian Cashman.

If the "plan" in the Bronx involves someone with no managing experience then David Cone is the only answer I will personally accept. The guy is a true baseball nerd. When Cone calls a Yankee game you feel like you are learning things about the game you otherwise would not know.

His insights give you a deeper understanding of baseball and are presented in such a way that anyone can understand them. Again, a "no experience" manager would not be my plan but if Cone is the guy, I'm on board.

David Cone by the way was one of the rare guys that the Yankees "bought" that I felt really comfortable about. He was a leader, still had gas in the tank and the lights were not too bright for him.

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