According to the Daily News Former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie was told he can't use the VIP entrance at Newark Airport. He and the State Trooper assigned to him instead were directed to Terminal B. He had to use the regular T.S.A. screening line.

I get it. When you are the Governor, you should be in the V.I.P line. It's important for safety reasons to keep the top man in the state safe. Now that you're not the top man in the state, you are just another dude taking up space who does not need preferential treatment.

Back of the line sir, with the rest of the rest of the common folk. I'm sure it's gonna take some getting used to it but that is life. I'm not losing sleep over a politician having to jump through the same hoops we have to when they are no longer in office.

Christie, for the record says the story is fake and tweeted this:

Absolutely false story about my travel today. NJSP security detail & I were led to one entrance in the airport by PAPD officer. TSA informed PAPD and NJSP that this was the wrong way to enter and directed us to another entrance where I was screened & admitted to the airport(1/2)

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