Jeopardy! is one of everyone's favorite game shows. Most of us never get any of the answers right, but you still really enjoy it.

It's very weird when you're watching, and a question about the town you live in pops up, so I decided to dig through the Jeopardy! database of questions to see what questions they have had on the show about Danbury, and I found a bunch.

Remember, Jeopardy! is the game where they give contestants the answers, and then the contestants have to give the question. So if you're from Danbury, or even one of the other surrounding towns, see how many of these you would have gotten right on the show. Good Luck!

1- OUT OF CON TEXT for $200: A memoir: "On Feb. 4, 2004, Larry drove me to the women's prison in Danbury, Connecticut"

(What is Orange is the new Black)

2- WOMEN & THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION for $1000: In April 1777 Sybil Ludington pulled a Paul Revere-style all-night ride to tell of a British attack on Danbury in this state

(What Is Connecticut)

3- BORN IN CONNECTICUT for $400: Before he ran off & ran the circus, he published a Danbury newspaper & was arrested for libel

(Who is PT Barnum)

4- YANKEE MAGAZINE for $800: An article called "Tip Of The Hat To Danbury", in this state, tells how JFK helped kill an industry with his bareheaded ways

(What is Connecticut)

5- P.T. BARNUM for $600: While publishing The Herald of Freedom in Danbury in this state, Barnum was sued for libel 3 times

(What is Connecticut)

6- COLLECTOR'S CORNER for $300: The Danbury Mint could make a mint with its porcelain tea set adorned with pictures of this dimpled darling of the '30s

(Who is Shirley Temple)

*This last question was Featured in Final Jeopardy — How Much Do You Want To Wager? 

7- PHRASES IN AMERICAN HISTORY: This phrase linking two entities was in Jefferson's 1802 letter to the Danbury Baptists, elaborating on the 1st Amendment

(What is the Separation of Church and State)

So how did you do? I got $3,100 on the questions, then wagered $1,500 on Final Jeopardy, and wound up with a grand total of $4,600. Not too shabby.

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