A car and a motorcycle met by accident Monday evening on Route 6 in Bethel.

Rescue crews from the Stony Hill Volunteer Fire Department responded to a car versus motorcycle crash Monday evening on Route 6/Stony Hill Road in Bethel.

Both Rescue 2 & Ambulance 3 handled the call of a white Infiniti sedan and motorcycle crash that occurred in the area of 10 Stony Hill Road.

Fortunately the rider of the motorcycle, who was transported to Danbury Hospital, had non life threatening injuries.

Here are some helpful motorcycle safety tips issued by Connecticut State Troopers in a press release from ct.gov:

  • Wearing leather pants, gloves, boots and jacket, even on warm days, offers protection in the case of a fall from the motorcycle.  Troopers also recommend wearing reflective clothing since it is often difficult for other motorists to spot motorcyclists on the roads.  Always be visible.
  • Use extra caution and awareness at intersections, where most motorcycle vs. vehicle crashes occur.  Never drive in an operator’s blind spot.
  • Motor vehicle operators also have a role in motorcycle safety. Be extra cautious on weekends when more motorcyclists are likely to take to the road.  Provide motorcyclists adequate room to maneuver.  As when following another motor vehicle, leave a reasonable distance, following at least three to four seconds behind the motorcycle or vehicle in front of you.
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