Too many lives lost. Please be safe.

Tragically, in April, we lost two Newtown residents to motorcycle accidents. On Tuesday, April 18, Martin Amidon of Newtown lost his life in a crash.

Then, on Sunday April 23, Jaclyn Ann Schultz of Newtown died in a motorcycle crash.

According to, on Jan. 19 Michael Defuso of Southbury was also killed in a motorcycle accident in Newtown.

So much sadness. As our thoughts and prayers go out to all of the families and loved ones of these victims, it seems much to simple to say, please be safe.

With that in mind, the Connecticut State Police are reminding everyone the May is Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month.

In a press release from, Connecticut State Troopers Offer Tips during Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month. Tips that include awareness for those of us behind the wheel of a car as well.

Some of the tips include:

  • Wearing leather pants, gloves, boots and jacket, even on warm days, offers protection in the case of a fall from the motorcycle.  Troopers also recommend wearing reflective clothing since it is often difficult for other motorists to spot motorcyclists on the roads.  Always be visible.
  • use extra caution and awareness at intersections, where most motorcycle vs. vehicle crashes occur.  Never drive in an operator’s blind spot.
  • Motor vehicle operators also have a role in motorcycle safety. Be extra cautious on weekends when more motorcyclists are likely to take to the road.  Provide motorcyclists adequate room to maneuver.  As when following another motor vehicle, leave a reasonable distance, following at least three to four seconds behind the motorcycle or vehicle in front of you.

Be aware and stay safe.

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