Cassie wins the Bachelor. I picked her to win in week one, I said I love her then and I love her now. It was a rocky road but now we've all found love and are better for it. On January 9th of 2019 I made this prediction about The Bachelor after watching one stupid episode:

"Who WILL (should) be the winner: Cassie. Cassie from Huntington Beach, CA. She's a speech pathologist, beautiful, understated. I don't know what Colton will actually do, C'mon. How could I? I know what I would have done. I would have seen Cassie, walked up to her, had a conversation, excused myself, chucked the roses in the garbage and asked her to join me for a meal at Outback Steakhouse for the $15.99 Shrimp & Lobster."

If you want the rest of the amazing predictions you can read them here.But enough about how right I am all of the time, let's get to down to recapping what was the most dramatic season in Bachelor history.

When all was said and done there are only three people that matter at the end of a season. The Bachelor, the last lady there and the new Bachelorette. Let's take this one person at a time.


The real star of the show this season. She had beauty that burst through the screen and drove Colton and I mad. I did say some things last week that I now regret but I take them back and I am sorry.

Look, she broke up with this guy at the end, drove him to "Spider Man" his way over a huge fence, hide in the woods of Portugal and break two girls hearts in like two hours. Some ladies are a danger to others with their beauty and Cassie fits this profile. Cassie is a pain in the ass but that smile is worth it. Colton and I know what's up.


Colton is a "herb." Colton is also a likable, nice guy. He seems to enjoy just a little drama but otherwise he's just a nice nerd he really wanted to be loved. He also gets the distinction of the first to blow up The Bachelor format. He abdicated the thrown for his one true love.

What's amazing about Colton is at the end he navigated a mine field of disaster and came out looking good. Most guys would have blown this. There is one moment in particular that would have had lesser men "F'in" up their reputation forever.

When Cassie is breaking up with him, he slips and says: "I want it to be you at the end." She still breaks up with him and goes home. MOST GUYS at this point, in an effort to protect their ego, create an alternate reality where they didn't say it or didn't mean it and pick one of the other girls.

Not Colton. No, Colton doubled down, broke it off with the other two, cried for a week in Portugal alone and went back to Cassie and got her. Much respect.

Hanna G 

She is the new Bachelorette. Not a fan. I think Caelynn would have been a better choice for making a TV show people actually wanna watch. I think Tayshia deserved it. Hannah has a tough time with constructing sentences which will make this season interesting for the wrong reasons. Someone get that girl a copy of "Hooked on Phonics" and quick.

Great TV, great job ABC, they were at the top of their game this season.

P.S. WTF? Air Supply? You are Disney, book a better act for the finale, that was painful. I can get Air Supply on my show, do better, so much better. 

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