Well that was some TV there. Breaking up IS hard to do. You know it's a bad one when someone leaps a 9 foot fence.


You are not catching a former NFL player trying to elude a camera crew. WHOA! Very athletic maneuver.

Lemme back up, collect myself and tell you what actually happened last night. (SPOILER ALERT) - Cassie broke up with Colton and he was the only one in America who did not see this coming.

It was clear to anyone who was watching that Cassie was his favorite for a long time. It was also clear that she was not really into him and that the suspicions raised about her by other contestants were right on.

Cassie was as they say in "The Bachelor" world "not here for the right reasons." If we are doing some fair speculation we can say she wanted the travel, the fame and the big carrot, to become the next "Bachelorette."

I was no fan of Cassie last night. She did some things that were real "snake in the grass" moves. First, she pretends not to know that Colton asked her Dad for permission to propose and THEN she pretends like seeing her Dad in Portugal was a surprise.

Cassie got her hands on a cell phone somewhere along the way and her and her fake ass Dad are full of it. They are trying to ride the Bachelor wave to a reality show of their own. It would be some creepy, co-dependent father/daughter show that would only be picked up by "The Oxygen Network."

I'm mad at Cassie for another reason. I picked her for ME after week 1. I mean everyone makes an imaginary pick in their head, Don't judge me. However, after a few weeks I knew it was a mistake and that she was "fake news." If I were in Colton's shoes I would have fallen for it too because face to face, with that face, she would have fooled my face. All 30 of the women that went into that house were beautiful and she still stood out by a mile.

Never judge a book by it's cover. That's what they say and it's true. When you fall for a pretty face without knowing enough, you too could be wind sprinting away from Chris Harrison, leaping fences and hiding in the bushes of Portugal.

All of that said, put Cassie's deception and Colton going AWOL aside. Those two things are not the wildest results from last night's episode. The craziest thing is Colton going "All In" when Cassie revealed she was leaving. Think about it, she says she is leaving and he says, I wanted you to win, I'm not giving up, blah, blah.

He essentially admitted he wanted her to win and did not have the same feelings for the other girls. He can't go back now and the show is pretty much over, that's Bachelor history right there. Of course they will make us watch Colton break up with the other two girls it's done.


Why do you get to cry? Cry me a river. God, she's pretty when she cries.

In case you don't believe that I picked Cassie from Week 1 here is some of what I actually wrote on Jan 9th. 


  • Beauty queen Caelynn will go far. She shouldn't. She has that pageant girl "fart smelling" smile. Not a fan.
  • Demi will go far into the show as well, she should not. She's here for "the wrong reasons" as they say.

Who WILL (should) be the winner:

Cassie. Cassie from Huntington Beach, CA. She's a speech pathologist, beautiful, understated. I don't know what Colton will actually do, C'mon. How could I? I know what I would have done. I would have seen Cassie, walked up to her, had a conversation, excused myself, chucked the roses in the garbage and asked her to join me for a meal at Outback Steakhouse for the $15.99 Shrimp & Lobster.

WILD TV. I feel bad for the guy actually. If you want to watch it rather than read what I saw here you go.



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