A Danbury man was popped for possessing crack yesterday (March 29) by police at his residence for the second time this month.

We received a press release from Lt. Mark Williams detailing the activities and subsequent arrests of Raymond Henderson of Division Street. Henderson was initially arrested at his residence in Danbury on March 2 and faces a multitude of drug charges.

I'm assuming that Henderson didn't get the memo that once you've been arrested for allegedly dealing coke and heroin, you move into a law-enforcement category called, "Known Drug Dealer."

Following his release after answering to the court for his March 2 arrest, Henderson allegedly resumed dealing drugs out of his Division Street residence. Fortunately, members of the Danbury Special Investigations Division (S.I.D) were watching Henderson after receiving complaints from his neighbors.

Yesterday (March 29), a second search warrant was executed and police say that they caught Henderson in the act, as crack cocaine and drug paraphernalia were found to be on his person.

Henderson was brought in without incident, and charged with Possession of a Narcotic Substance and Possession of Drug Paraphernalia. He was held on $25,000 bond pending arraignment.

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