Thanks to the Danbury Police Department and the Danbury Regional SWAT Team, more cocaine and heroin have been taken off of Division St. in Danbury.

A report from the Danbury PD says that weeks ago, Danbury residents began to complain to authorities that an apartment on the second floor at 14 Division St. had become a hot spot for drug trafficking. After police surveillance turned up activity at the apartment that was consistent with those claims, a search and seizure warrant was issued by Danbury Superior Court.

Police say that because of the criminal history of some of the people that were spotted going to and from the apartment, the SWAT team was brought in just in case there were weapons in the apartment.

After witnessing what police believe were multiple illegal drug sales on Thursday afternoon (March 2), the Danbury Regional SWAT Team raided the apartment, in which they found nine people, all of which were known drug users. After seizing a substantial amount of cocaine and heroin packaged for sale, money, and paraphernalia, police arrested 61-year-old, Raymond Henderson of Danbury who is the apartment's lessee, and 50-year-old, Anthony "Lewis" Jones, also of Danbury.

Among other drug charges, both Henderson and Jones were charged with possession with intent to sell within 1,500 feet of a school. Henderson is being held for a cash bond, while Jones is being held on a remand to custody.



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