I am a smoker — I'm not proud of it. It's a disgusting habit and I plan on quitting. There are some smokers out there that either can not kick it or just love it.

It's true, I still know people who enjoy it, and do not want to quit. If I had to guess, this woman is probably one of those people — a smoker who loves it.

In my time, I've encountered some smokers who are not playing games. One time, I was on a train from North Carolina to NYC and this very thing happened. An old lady lit up, refused to shut it down, and told anyone who didn't like it where to go and how to get there. I still laugh when I think about it.

Flash-forward to 2017, and according to Koin.com, this lady was having a cigarette and there was not a damn thing anyone was going to do about it. In my opinion, her main problem isn't necessarily that she's smoking on an airplane, it's that in this day and age, people take it pretty seriously when you threaten to kill large groups of people. It's especially sensitive when it takes place on an airplane.

WARNING: This video contains BAD language. You have been warned. It's also damn funny:

Just a few quick things here:

It's never a good idea to approach someone who is smoking in a place they know they should not be. This means they have already made a decision that this cigarette is worth the inevitable confrontation and possible physical fight. They have made up their mind ALREADY that they are willing to swing for a smoke. If you approach them, YOU ARE IN PHYSICAL DANGER.

Second, I don't "F" with people who wear big ass hats.

In a more general sense, I do not screw around with people who make ANY questionable fashion choices. These people don't care about their appearance or what you think of them. That's a sign to back off. I don't play games with dudes wearing denim jackets, with mullets, or both. Do you actually believe they have not heard the jokes? They have. They are counting on you to say something. They want you to say something.

This kind of person, this smoker lady, all very "Crazy Joe Devola" like.

Careful out there, kids. There are people who want to mix it up with you.

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