I'm a Brett Favre guy. This is well documented. The end of his career and some of his off field stuff made being a "Brett Favre guy" a rocky road, but I look at the entire body of work. That body of work all adds up to being a winner and a proud guy.

That said, what the hell does Favre have to do with the Eagles? Sure, sometimes these teams bring in celebrities to do it, but that is OK. That's OK, because those actors never played for another organization. Favre is a Packer, plain and simple. He also played for the Jets and Vikings, so if he was doing a speech for them, I'd think it was an unnecessary stretch, but I would not bother arguing that. This is just weird.

Bring back an Eagle great. Randall Cunningham has to be free, right? What about Eric Allen? Vince Papale was the subject of the movie "Invincible," and was a triumphant story to tell. Sly Stallone is a Philly legend. A lot of names come to mind before Brett Favre. What about Matthew David McConaughey? He has no ties to the Eagles, but he never played against them, and gives the best football hype speeches in the world:

I'm running through a wall for Wooderson.

P.S. If any of the names I mentioned are dead, it's because I don't know "things." 

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