Photo by Large "Aching back" Dave
Photo by Large "Aching back" Dave

We're hearty New Englander's, right? Kind of, I paid my plow guy $50 to do my driveway in Waterbury.

I noticed over the past few years that Waterbury has really stunk at snow removal. As I left my driveway yesterday, it looked as though the plows had made passes, and had thrown down TONS of sand. I noticed though that every other town besides Waterbury had added salt, or that magnesium solution, to their snow removal processes.

No surprise then that most of the roads in surrounding towns around the Brass City are down to the bare blacktop. Waterbury? Nope. The roads here are in terrible shape.

The Town Plot section of town is a nightmare. Most roads have that washboard feeling as you drive over frozen strips of ice, and big chunks of snow that have fallen off the back of Lazy Fred's Honda Accord.

Granted, Waterbury is very hilly, and the roads are narrow and congested. But, come on, we can do better than this. There is no room in the millions and millions of tax dollars to purchase something better than sand to attack this snow and ice?

We don't get storms of this magnitude often, can't we prepare a little better?

What really irked me was that as I was watching the news on Thursday during the blizzard, Waterbury was the first city that called off school for Friday. Very early on, they knew that they were going to do a terrible job at removal, and they owned it. Good move, now fix it,

Mayor O'Leary needs to address this now. City workers were out there breaking their backs, and not succeeding on making our roads safe. I'm sure they're sick of getting asked the same questions that I am raising.

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