According to the NY Post, the newest plastic surgery trend in New York City is designer nips. Ladies are paying up to $700 bucks to see Dr. Norman Rowe on Park Avenue. He will pump your beams with Botox to keep your "up top" region blingin' and blangin' for up to two years.

The whole idea of plastic surgery on ladies is not for me. I've always said that I'm not a fan. Most of these procedures don't make people look better, they just end up looking weirder. I'll call this designer nipple thing a one-time exception, though. I mean, I've seen a few people in my life that have been dealt a raw deal nipple wise.

If you have an areola the size of a tea saucer, it's nice to know you have options. That really is a completely different thing than what this doctor is doing. He's plumping em up, it sounds like. Science is amazing though, and I have to imagine a quick Google search will get you to a doc that reduce your pepperoni nips.

P.S. While discussing this on the Ethan and Lou show this morning, I realized I'd never seen Ethan's nipples. I dared him to take em out today with no success. Maybe he will break them out at the CT Wing Fest tomorrow. 

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