There are just some things that really tick people off. Around here, we definitely have our share of annoyances that can turn a good day into a bad one very quickly.

So, if you live your daily lives around Greater Danbury, or maybe somewhere in Dutchess or Putnam County, well there's a pretty good chance that at least one or maybe more items on our list of five things have triggered a little rage inside your bad self. If not rage, how about just good and PO'd?

Here are five things that will probably get you angry and stressed just by reading them:

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    Traffic on I-84 Or I-684

    So you have that appointment in the city, or maybe you're going to see a play or a ball game? You give yourself plenty of extra time, you're sailing along, looks like you might even be early, then all of a sudden, you see it — a sea of brake lights, and you're only approaching Katonah. You know this can't be good. So much for catching that opening number, or getting to the game before the 3rd inning.

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    Going to the DMV

    Three letters that instill total panic into anyone around these parts — D-M-V. Even if you just need to update a license or registration, it could turn into a day trip. You walk in and get a number like you're at the supermarket deli counter. You look at your number, let's say it's #150, and that's when you hear the announcement: "Number six to window four please."

    You might as well go home and get your overnight bag, because you're in it for the long haul. Even the snack shack at the Danbury DMV gets old pretty quick.

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    The Package Store Run

    It's getting a little better since Connecticut relaxed their laws about selling alcohol on Sundays, but for years, spirit shops in New York, especially Brewster, would be inundated with people from Connecticut crossing the border to get their drink on. It's not only annoying to CT people, but stores would be packed on Sundays and Holidays, which enraged the New Yorkers.

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    What's That Smell?

    There's nothing like the stench of a landfill when it's hot and sticky. For folks who live or work around the Plumtrees Plaza or the Berkshire Shopping Center, having your car or condo windows open in the summer is not an option. When the heat is on, so is the smell.

    Now, since the plant has been treated, it's not as bad as it once was, but when the conditions are right there's still an obnoxious order that makes you want to puke.

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    Parking Lot or Lake?

    If you have to ask yourself this question, you're probably driving around the Danbury Fair Mall after a heavy rain storm.

    Around the back of the mall lies a small stream and a few small ponds that can flood out very easily. When that happens, proceed with caution driving around, because the water creeps up fast, and parking anywhere in the area is rendered impossible.