Just when you thought it was safe to go check out a political forum of candidates running for the Governor of Connecticut, all hell broke loose even before things got started Monday night in Brookfield.

Seven Democratic candidates for Governor were all invited to speak Monday night in Brookfield, they were also joined by an uninvited minor candidate who had to be dragged off stage by three police officers before the forum could begin.

According to newstimes.com, Lee Whitnum, a perennial candidate, grabbed a chair, and put up her own sign with her name on it and refused to leave, yelling to the crowd that she was a Democratic candidate for governor. There was reportedly an audience of more then 200 on hand to witness the event. Many will be delegates at the May Democratic party convention.

Al Robinson (@ctblogger) was at the forum and captured this video of the event which he posted on YouTube:

The invited candidates all left the stage as Brookfield Police moved in to try and remove Ms. Whitnum. They asked her peacefully to leave, when that didn't work and she continued and then dropped to the floor, police were forced to drag her off the stage by her ankles and arms. The crowd booed Whitnum and applauded the officers who removed her, and the invited candidates returned the stage to talk about their platforms.

Ned Lamont, the Greenwich business man, who lost the 2010 Democratic gubernatorial primary to Dannel Malloy, had this to say to newstimes.com about what happened at the Brookfield forum.

Despite appearances to the contrary, this has been an extraordinarily cordial and civil campaign. We’re going to fight for Connecticut values every day. Fighting for our Connecticut values means that we’re not afraid to change.

Monday night's forum was one of the many that have already been organized by Democrats who have been trying to avoid drama and holding forums and town committee meetings across the state in advance of their convention in May.

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