It all started with a phone call from my mom to my wife. My mom asked Erica where she was. Erica said she was grocery shopping. My mom asked if she was at Stop N' Shop and Erica replied yes. She lied, she was at Aldi. Why would my wife lie to my mother in this situation? Simple, she knew explaining Aldi to my mother would take WAY too long and Erica was in a rush.

When Erica told me this we had a good laugh about it and then yesterday we finally told the truth to my mom when we visited for dinner. She laughed and admitted that lying in this situation was a good move because she would have asked 6,000 questions.

Then we actually got into it. My mom asked us what Aldi was. We then had to explain to her the differences between Aldi and your "regular" grocery store and it took damn near an hour. My mom was like Diane Sawyer, she hit us with one follow up question after another.

The lesson here is, if someone who knows nothing about Aldi asks you about it, make sure you have the time to explain or just lie and say you are at Stop N' Shop.

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