This is the only St. Patrick's Day party you need to concern yourself with tomorrow. We are off to Ridgefield, CT and hosting our party at Tiger's Den on Catoonah Street. The party goes from 6:30-8:30pm. There will be Irish music, Irish step dancers and we will be giving away tickets to see the Moody Blues.

Ethan and I will spend time teaching the step dancers how to incorporate their arms in their moves, making fairly obvious observations and playing bar games. Call your friends and family now and get down there tomorrow night for an historic good time.

Just a couple of things to know when partying with us on St. Patty's day:

  • We don't wear green - We don't own any green
  • NOT everyone is Irish on St. Patrick's Day, so don't say it - As a man who is Irish all year round this offends me.
  • Don't give any speeches about how Guiness actually tastes different in Ireland - We don't care
  • Never ask me if I want a Jameson - The answer is yes, you would be wasting words.

So come on out to Ridgefield, hang with me stare at Ethan's weird head and let's party.

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