A hideous inferno broke out at a Bozrah, CT egg farm over the weekend (1/28/23).

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According to NBC Connecticut it took the work of 16 fire departments to put the flames out and in the end, approximately 100,000 chickens were killed. This was terrible news for chickens but if you write the kind of material I do, its mildly beneficial. I waited for the internet to speak up and I did not wait long.

On Sunday (one day after the fire),a user that goes by u/btc-lostdrifter0001 posted the following to the CT Reddit Page: "Pushing for investigation? Egg fire." The conversation that took place after that post was nothing short of epic. These are my favorite comments:

An_Odd_Walrus: "Lol is BIG EGG to blame for this conspiracy?"

1984isnowpleb: "There is big chicken so wouldn’t surprise me. Perdue kolsh & Tyson I think. Lobbying etc. supersize me 2 or holy chicken I’ve seen it called both highlight this."

EatenLowdes: "The Egg Council is real."

thesbaine: "How much do you have invested in big tin foil? Seems like you're anglin for people to make more hats..."

Car2Lina: "This farm has a fire every 8-10 years. Usually on windy days. They have to do a little remediation and then it’s back to business. No big conspiracy."

himewaridesu: "This farm every 8-10 years? What the hell are they doing that makes everything flammable?"

Maximilian_Xavier: "Why is it super suspicious? You think a rival egg farmer was trying to send a message?"

wydellasaurus:"Something’s a foot."

CaptServo: "Chicken s---, bedding and feathers make a pretty gnarly combustible mix."

asspirate420: "clearly someone was radicalized after reading Barn 8."

MyGodItsFullOfClowns:"Animal Farm. Two legs bad, four legs good." 

Language-Aromatic: "Biden and his henchmen are going state to state to keep the egg shortage down. The government knows that with the extremely high fuel, heating and electric costs that the people will be vulnerable. The democrats plan on enacting a work trade agreement that will be impossible to work off basically enslaving the people indefinitely and transferring to children. This with the new gun grab Lamont is imposing this will happen in the very near future."

wydellasaurus: "Keeps eggs out of politics!"

Language-Aromatic: "I’m getting downvoted for clearly a joke. Stfu."

BeerPizzaGaming: "Super suspicious.... cold weather and fire, its like someone might have been using a heating device to keep the chickens warm or something.
I bet the roosters from that rival chicken gang did it on purpose because they were infringing on their turf."

OK, I basically used the whole conversation because it was all hilarious. I started laughing at "tin foil hat" and didn't stop. It slowed down a little but intensified again when the dude was getting mad for being downvoted. I love this country and I LOVE REDDIT!

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Photo: Aurora Photography

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