Forget about that new big screen TV this Black Friday, there's a pretty good chance the one you were going to buy wound up on I-84 this morning when a tractor trailer rolled over and caused a major morning delay.

According to a social media post from the Connecticut State Police, the accident, which occurred shortly before 6 am, closed two lanes and had thousands of morning commuters scratching their heads, trying to find the best alternative ways to get to work, school, or appointments.

Not only was I-84 backed up to Newtown from the accident, which happened right between exits 3 and 2, but traffic was also a mess on Route 7 south about a mile from the I-84 merge. In fact, the traffic was so bad that traveling the eight mile stretch between Route 7 and the New York border took nearly 90 minutes.

Fortunately, there was only one minor injury. The tractor trailer driver was extricated from the truck and taken to Danbury Hospital.

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