Shannon Fiedler is a viral comic and content creator that has garnered the attention of hundreds of thousands of followers and subscribers. Fiedler has been selling out tour dates all across the country in places like NYC, Chicago and Boston and now it's Connecticut's turn.

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Fiedler is coming to the New York Comedy Club in Stamford on Thursday, May 2nd. We got an opportunity to interview Shannon on the Friday (4/26/24) edition of the I-95 Morning Show just days before her Connecticut gig. We found out a lot about her fans and inspiration but we were most excited to learn that she is a CT native who raves about the Nutmeg State.

Lou: You are blowing up all over social media, do you realize you're famous? 

Shannon: "You know it's funny I don't except people stop me on the street a lot and they're like oh my God, we're fans and hearing the word fans just blows my mind. I still don't think it's real, I'm not famous, I'm too normal, I don't know." 

Lou: Yeah, I'm sure it makes you uncomfortable to use that word but there is no other word for it, you are it. 

Shannon: "Well thanks I appreciate it, it's so fun and I actually love when people stop me, it's like Christmas morning, it's the best."

Lou: You're from NYC? You live there now but are you originally from there? 

Shannon: "I live in New York but I'm from Connecticut. I'm a Connecticut girl." 

Lou: Where?

Shannon: "I grew up in Monroe and then we moved to Granby which is up near Hartford when I was like, in middle school." 

Lou: Are you actually kidding me? Our radio station is ten minutes from Monroe, we're in Brookfield. 

Shannon: "Oh my God, that is crazy I didn't realize! Yeah, I listened to the station all the time driving to school, my parents would have it on. It's the best, I love Connecticut." 

Lou: What is the most Connecticut girl behavior?

Shannon: "Oh, speaking to the manager, that is our state song, can I speak to the manager?"

Dave: How do you describe Connecticut? When people ask where you're originally from, what do you say, when they ask what do you do there? 

Shannon: "OK, I also have to preface that my Connecticut girl character is not necessarily the Connecticut I grew up in, you know what I mean? She is the hoity toity, country club, the Connecticut we all aspire to because that is where the comedy is, that is the more fun stuff. Listen, I think Connecticut is such a gem you're close enough to the city that you get to be a part of that excitement and you get that energy but you still get fall foliage. You can take day trips to the beach, you can be outside. It's kind of like the best of nature but also not like being completely isolated in the middle of nowhere. I don't know, I think it was the best place to grow up, I stand by that." 

Lou: You nailed it, people outside of Connecticut misunderstand it so much

Shannon: "So much, they think it's all yachts and pearls, and don't get me wrong, there is a lot of that but there is a lot more to it too." 

Lou: Shannon, everyone kind of wants to be in the position you are in from a social media standpoint. Like, if you ask little kids what they want to be when they grow up, they say they want to be a social media influencer. What advice would you give a young person, or an adult on how to do this the best? 

Shannon: "Great question, I love that. I think the thing is, make the content that you want to make because let me tell you, it's a grind to be putting out content as frequently as you need to be, to feed the beast so to say. So, if you're trying to cater to what you think people are going to like, you're going to burn out. You're not going to enjoy it, you're not going to be able to stick with it and then you're going to find the wrong audience. I found that by just putting out the things that I thought were funny, the people who also thought they were funny, found me and then they wanted more of the stuff that I was already excited to do. So, you find your people if you just make sure you're doing the thing that you enjoy doing. Let me tell you, it ends up taking hours of your life, you better like it." 

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Check out the Ethan, Lou & Large Dave Podcast on Apple and Spotify You can check out the entire interview below. We learned that Shannon is no fan of New Year's Eve, has issues with April Fool's Day and thinks that the makeup industry has become extremely sexually aggressive with their marketing.

Get your tickets to see Shannon Fiedler at Stamford's New York Comedy Club 

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