Getting crowned the best of something in your state is a pretty big deal.

We know there are the bests when it comes to pizza in Connecticut. People will argue over our superiors of who has the best, but it's known that if you're in New Haven, you're getting good pizza.

Well, New Haven is known for more than just the best pizza. It's also the home of the steamed cheeseburger, and now, it's also home to the best sandwich in Connecticut. Love Food came out with a list of The Best Sandwiches in Every State and a local New Haven shop took the crown.

The sandwich shop is not your average shop, it's unique in a sense of their menu as it's ever-changing and they serve up some of the best food around the state. The winner was Meat & Co. and their sandwich that earned the title was their D. Wayne Johnson Sandwich.

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Meat & Co. was originally located at their 9th Square location, but they've recently outgrown it and had to open a new shop in East Rock Market located at 285 Nicoll Street in New Haven. Now what's on this D. Wayne Johnson? I'm glad you asked. The D. Wayne Johnson consists of house smoked thin sliced turkey breast, tomato, bacon, mixed greens and salad cream. This specific sandwich is known go be a crowd favorite.

I'm a sucker for a good sandwich. I don't need anything crazy, but if the ingredients are fresh and it has a fair share of meat on it, I'm a happy camper. By just the photos of their sandwiches on the home page of their website, they all look amazing and it looks like I'll need to make a trip there soon.

Have you had one of their sandwiches before? What would you deem as best sandwich in Connecticut?

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